Musicians, songwriters and arrangers, MARI and TAKA have joined together to form TAMTAM.
TAMTAM's music is characterized by crossover styles based on pop music.
They incorporate traditional percussion instruments from around the world into their songs including the haunting sounds of Japanese Shinto Shrine bells, African drums.
TAMTAM's aim lies in crossing all borders -- in elevating people to a new spiritual level.
Between 1994 and 1998, TAMTAM released six CDs through BMG Victor Japan lnc. and one CD with Nippon Columbia Inc.  In addition, during that time, they gave concerts and performed
live both on television and radio.

TAMTAM writes and records music for SONY's entertainment project (Play Station
games), TV commercials, video and theater and Many artist supports (Live stage, Recording).
In addition to working in TAMTAM,
MARI works for the successful International World Music  Project for children.
TAKA arranges music and produces CDs for Japanese pop artists.
MARI (Vocal, Percussion, Songwriting) 
MARI spent part of her childhood in New York and Los Angeles. Back in Japan, she
attended Tokyo University of Music & Fine Arts, majoring in percussion ( marimba,
timpany,  African drums,  Japanese Taiko drums, etc.) 
1988-1990 : MARI worked on a number of solo projects, performing on stage, shrines,
            temples and other venues. During this time she was active in songwriting
       and playing percussion,  recording others' CDs as well, and
            performed on-and-off stage with a number of musicians.
1984-1987 : MARI was vocalist and played percussion with the psychedelic ethnic
      rock band "Seven Gods Bringing Luck." They recorded their first album at
      the Power Station studio in New York.
1982-1998 : As well as her stage and studio work, MARI acted in live theater and on
      television.  She hosted several radio shows and television music programs.
TAKA (Guitar, Programming, Songwriting)
Having been influenced by American rock music, he began playing the guitar at age 12.
In his high school days, he formed his first band and started writing songs
professionally for musical theater companies.
1993-present: TAKA arranges music, produces CDs for Japanese pop artists and is
             active in playing the guitar on the recording of their CDs.
1990-1993: He studied producing and recording CDs and performance under first-rate
           musicians and producers in Japan.
1987-1989: He majored in the guitar and learned music theory and arrangement at a
           well- known  school of music in Tokyo.

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